Thursday, February 04, 2010


So they finally let me out last night (after 79 days) from the ward YAY! It was nice to be able to sit and relax this evening without the hassel of having to get up an go back the ward and all that.

So yeah, had the district nurse out today. She was rather useless. I had to teach her how to use the equipment and do the dressing. She didnt bring the equipment that they had to have before I could be let out, in fact they didnt bring anything. No dressings, no suction equipment, nothing. I had to give her a list of equipment I needed ordering and explain what most of it was. And then she says yeah well your probably better off getting this stuff from the GP rather than off us. *headdesk* What is the point of them then!!

But YAY to not having to be up so early. Although I still have no voice.

Didnt get a chance to talk to my surgeon this week about the referral to London as he appears to be off all week. But hoping to get an outpatient appointment with him soon as possible.

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