Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy 2010

Well happy 2009!
Sorry I havnt updated or made the the usual type of happy new year, best worst of last year/ what i want from next year crap.

I have been allowed out the hospital for a few days again. Once again waiting on discharge that dosnt seem to be happening. At this rate I will still be in here for my next surgery date! urgh.

Anyway, I bought my laptop home with me, as I live on it. Got home, went to use it and it had a dead battery, ok, I will plug it in. And guess what wise oh me had done..... Left it tied to my drip stand in my room. Doh! So no laptop till i get back the hospital. So I am currently on my mums computer which is in the living room, so I wont use it much. They have however gone to bed, so im sitting chilling with a can of magners, bag of kettle chips and some good music. Though I will have to go bed soon else I will get moaned at tomorrow for 'staying up all night.'

Oh the joys of being home.
I promise I wont leave it so long between writing next time. And hopefully I will have something more interesting to write.

Hope you have all had a good New years day and such!

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