Tuesday, December 29, 2009

quick update.

So this is only going to be a short update as im pretty wiped out to be honest and should go sleep

I am now back in the hospital. Only been back for quick 5 minute visits since i left on christmas eve, but tonight im back to stay. Tomorrow I have doctors ward rounds and physio are taking me the gym at some point. They want to try and work out if the breathlessness and tiredness is down to my airway or if its down to being unfit as I havnt moved around much over the last few months.

I also have the district nurses and the ENT nurses coming to train themselves and my parents as well as me on emergency procedures to do with the trachy, things like suctioning. Something I am not looking forward to.

I still have no voice, but we will see what my surgeon says in the morning about that. Its rather hard when it comes to things like eating out and getting around shops as you cant say excuse me to people, but heres to hoping its not forever.

Anyway my bed is calling me. Back to the land of early mornings tomorrow. The joy.

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