Monday, October 26, 2009

Interview, surgeons, doctors and nurses

Such an exciting day.
Started off that I had to get up on a day which is normally a day off, but I cant complain as I am off all week for half term. Had to ring the doctors, who wanted me to come in right away to see a different doctor from the other day. Apparently the one I saw the other day only works Thursday and Fridays. I told them I couldnt as I had an interview to go to and could I make it the afternoon. They said they would ask the doctor if this was ok and get back to me. So there is me waiting to leave and having to hang around waiting for them to call. They said I could come in in the afternoon and made me an appointment.

Drove to college to pick Jay up and we went to our interview. The place is only small and the work they want me to do isn't that hard, but  involves talking to the person who built the machine in the company a lot. Its basically digitalizing a load of drawings to make a instruction manual. Not really computer work, but it will suffice for a placement. I now have to draw a up a proposal and submit it to them.

Then I had to drive to the other end of the city for my appointment with my surgeon. He seems pleased that things hadnt got any worse. I mentioned to him that my GP had been trying to get in touch with him and he went oh yeah, didnt know you where having a problem with your blood pressure. I felt like saying I did tell you several times while I was in that it was high you just said it was nothing to worry about. Anyway, he checked it and it was still high (180/120 Pulse 120). He said it is probably the steroids (prednisone.) He lowered my dose from 20mg to 10mg last week and said to stop it completely next sunday. He will then see me in two weeks and we will see how it is then.

I was absolutely shattered, the walk over to the hospital and back really takes it out of me and I had to stop halfway to get my breath back. So after dinner, even though I didnt have long till my GP appointment I went for a nap. (I love day sleep. 1 hour of day sleep for me is like 5 hours of night sleep)

So got to my GP appointment and told her what the surgeon had said. Apparently he is phoning on Thursday to speak to my regular GP. She said she still wasnt happy to just leave me with high blood pressure and keep checking it to make sure it is the medication. She then checked my blood pressure and it had come down to 150/100 which wasnt too bad. I explained I had only just woke up and such and that it was still high when I had it done in the morning. So she decided to start me on medication for the time being and I am to go back next week and see my regular GP. By that time I should be off the steroids and we can see if my blood pressure has normalized.

She also had my blood results from friday, well most of them, the thyroid ones hadnt come back yet. My white cell count is high and my cholesterol was high at 5.5. She said both of thee could have been due to stress and that they would be repeated next week.

So now I have had more medication added to my many tablets. I am now taking 5mg of the beta blocker amlodipine. Started it tonight so we shall see. While I was in the surgery, the nurse saw me and pulled me in to give me the flu jab. Great I thought, save me coming back, but then she read my file and saw I was on steroids but coming off them. She asked me to wait till next week for it, so I have booked in for the same time as my GP appointment. She also wants me to have the swine flu one. Not sure If im going to get that or not yet. I also need to have the pneumoccoal vaccine. Oh what joy, I will be a human pin cushion.

Im still feeling pretty low an shit to be honest. Having a lot of urges to Self Harm and have absolutely no motivation. Starting to feel suicidal again as well. I know the GP reduced my venlafaxine, but I wouldnt have thought that would have had an effect yet. She told me to lower it on friday. Just hope this is a little phase that will pass.

Going to try and force myself to work on one of my assignments tomorrow. I said ideally I wanted to get two of them out the way with by the end of this week so I had better get cracking on it. Just hope these meds dont make me to tired, I already feel drained.

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