Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have become really lame at blogging. Not entirely sure why, perhaps not enough hours in the day, mixed with having a rough couple of weeks between infections and pain. Being away was wonderful, but of course the holiday blues hit too. While away, I met people, I spoke to people, I felt my age and although I had to be strict with resting and such, I had such fun.

Of course, now we are back to reality and the holidays are well and truly over.

Last week, was pretty much like an MOT. With going for surgery at the end of the month, I have to get the all clear off everyone who is part of my care. The week began with surigcal chest clinic. Although the only reason I still go to this one, is to allow doctors to keep up with my progress in case of emergency. Everything is holding clear at the moment so there were no real issues with this appointment.

Thursday was repsiratory clinic. I do hate going to this clinic. The waiting room is always full of people gaspiing for breath, hooked up to thier oxygen tanks and coughing their heads off. Addmittedly, most are at least double my size and triple my age, and to add to the lot, can often be seen taking the last gasps on the cigs outside before they hit the clinic. But my mind cant help but turn things over in my mind. Will that one day me? I dont want to get stuck like that. Gapsing for air and knowing how narrow the options are. I know deep down that I may end up like that one day, but its still a scary process.

Well clinic was still pretty boring. Despite having completed 2 weeks of antibiotics, my chest is still a mess with 3 lots of bacteria having a party within my lungs. There was also the news, that the same I sent off, the day that I finished my IVs last time, was still infected. So despite spending time in hospital, keeping up with treatments, IVs and physio, my chest is still being a bugger. I think this now marks approx 2 years since it has been infection free. Bearing in mind that every infection scars your lungs, you can see why I get pissed at it not clearing. They want to put me on a super long course of multiple IV meds, however, as always the problem is access. They cant keep needles in me and last time I was in, they reviewed for putting a more peramenet source in, but decided it was too risky. So, the new plan now, is to try again at finding a way to put a port in.

I am not being refered to another surgeon for a second opinion as well as a heamotologist to look at my blood. They want to find out if and how I am allergic to the meds they give to prevent clots. They also want to know if there is a way around it. Basically they want to do anything they can to make it possible to have a port fitted so they can access my veins easier. With a port, I can then have IVs at home for as many weeks as needed. So a lot of wait and see.

Friday was Liver clinic in Leeds. Everything fine there. Once again, they are only there really to keep an eye on things and for advice. Being 10 years post transplant, I am not prone to issues these days, but its nice to have the backup. So everything is fine there.

And that was really the gist of my week. Lots of things taking up time, like clinic and then my friend got engaged and really other than that, it has just been things like tidying up keeping my time occupied. Such a rock n roll lifestyle huh.

And now you can see why I have not been updating. Life is pretty boring. No big adventours planned as I cant do much until after this next surgery really.

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