Wednesday, May 23, 2012

stupid visa

It feels like a long time since I last wrote here and yet it is only a couple of days.
Its strange how things so can change so much.

The thing that has been taking up most of my mind, has been applying for a visa to take my niece to Florida. I was meant to be going on the 1st June, but can not get a visa appointment till the 6th. After much hassle, we have managed to change the dates of our trip, though it was hard telling my niece. But the us embassy, are a real pain. There system really sucks and so, the whole visa fiasco, is costing close to £2000. Not to mention that we still have the problem of my nieces school to tackle.

But, things are at least starting to progress and so that is one less thing on my mind.

My chest seems to be settling down a little again, which is a good thing. I have an emergency appointment with my chest consultant early tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if he can suggest anything to make things easier.

Then its back to London next week, though I am not sure yet if I will keep that appointment as it was meant to be a check up before I went away.

Apart from that, things have been good. I got tons of hugs of my niece this weekend, which was lovely. Though she is getting to tall, im used to hugging someone who is shorter than me, but now she is taller.

I sat out in the garden for an hour this afternoon with a book. Mum had been gardening, and so had the net off the top of the pond. So she put me on fish watch when she went out, which gave me a good excuse to sit out. It was nice, I like the sun, it puts a much brighter spin on the world. And tonight, I actually have some colour. My arms and chest have a nice pink glow and hopefully my face does too.

I have also started watching the big bang theory, after a lot of people told me I should and I must say, I love it. It took my a while to place where I knew one of the lead actors from, but it came to me the other night, he used to be in Roseanne. Oh man I used to love that show. But anyway, the big bang theory, yeah, really cant get enough now.

Did I mention that I have been selling a fair few cards? People seem to really like my stuff. I might look into doing this as a side business after the hols. Though I hate working to a schedule and much more prefer making stuff as I feel like it. At the moment, a lot of what I have done, have been bespoken. If I do it as a business, I hope to keep it mostly as I want, with bespoken being extra, maybe even going into things like wedding invitations in the line of bespoken.

This is a piece I was working on the other night, a new cover for my notebook. I have never really played around with inks for background, but i think this turn out well. I love the blue to purple bit.


  1. Really pleased to read you enjoyed some sun and that things are, in general, ok. Bummer about the visa though, that's a lot of money . . . I hope you get there, I'm sure you will.
    I love those background colours on your cover. Really pretty. Take good care.

  2. Your artwork seems lovely. You are so optimistic, always finding something nice. That is so great. Visa hassles are awful. I am travelling to someplace in Ontario Canada for eight months and it has been just awful trying to find a place to live for those 8 months. I finally found something after weeks of searching online. Goodness, sometimes going someplace is more trouble than it is worth almost!