Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas and birthday in one.

Yesterday, I celebrated christmas with a friend. I even got a stocking yay.
We watched Elf and had a roast dinner and a huge pud.
Yes, that was taken about 10pm and yes we are still in out pjs.
It was also my birthday, so I got to do 2 in 1.
It was fun.
Until my friend pointed out that I am no longer mid twenties, but in fact late twenties nowI am 26 eek, where did life go.
Which wasnt so fun.
But its all good as she is still older than me :)

Today, I go back into hospital ready for theatre tomorrow to remove the stent. the sooner the better is what I say. This has shown me, that my body still dislikes stents, even if they are covered in my own skin grafts. I literally havnt stopped coughing for days with the squeak of my breathing waking me frequently, whats more, what is coming up, is disgusting even by my standards. Not to mention, that each day, I feel a little more restricted in what I can do and even changing postions at times curently, can leave me with a quickened breathing rate.

But alas, that is still not my major concern right now. The scar from this surgery, looks pretty good. (Scar pictures with and without staples below, so feel free to skip)

For less than 2 weeks post surgery, I think thats looking pretty good, however, I have developed a slight swelling above it and my neck just looks hugely think.
I guess its just a pocket of trapped air, but it does change size throughout the day. But if I turn my head in certain ways, I get the feeling of pressure on my throat, where I swallow. More oddly than that, and something I am still unsure how it corralates, but if I turn my head slowly right, I get another pressure feeling, in the midst of my chest, close to my heart, as if something is pushing on it. Its all very odd and probably absloutly nothing to worry about. However, that does not quite relieve the feeling of anxiety that comes everytime I move my head and my heart feels odd.

Back to Charing Cross in a few hours, where I am sure they will just laugh and say its to be expected. So here is to the hope, that within the next few days, I come away with a normal airway once again and no longer feel that anxiety nor the worry of being face with an incline to walk up.

And as I write, I am currently laughing at my friend who is looking like a DIY expert trying to build furniture hehe.


  1. Wishing you good luck with your surgery and Happy Birthday.

  2. I am a diy expert dont you know!!!!!!