Sunday, October 23, 2011


Despite my best efforts, my peak flows are once again dropping.
I am continuing with all of my nebs plus extras.
I have also been humidifying nightly.
In the past couple of days, they have dropped from 290 to 250.
That might not sound much, but believe me I can feel it.
To get 250, requires work. Right before a neb, it is pretty much 200 once again.
This is my first frustration.

My second one, is that my lungs seem to be enjoying plating up.
Right now, the bottom section of each is aching like mad.
I have really tried focusing on my physio, but it is not alievating it.
I have been coughing a lot.
Yesterday, I had to run into a shop while out and buy a cough medicine as I couldnt breathe for coughing.
I dont usually like to use cough medicine as if I am coughing it needs to come out.
I do however normally have a cough syrup on hand to ease the grating i get on my throat from coughing.
That wasnt enough yesterday.

I was told by London that they would see me for surgery again early december, in 6 weeks.
I have just recieved a clinic appointment for mid january, making it 3 months for out patients.
I really do feel like I am banging my head on the wall with them sometimes.

I also got a letter to tell me that they wont pay one of my transport claims.
This is because you only get 3 months to claim them and it was outside of that.
The reason it was late?
I sent it to them, but it ended up at the sorting office and they were asked to collected, but didnt.
When I resent it, I explained all that, along with sending the original and letter from the sorting office as evidence.
They just returned the tickets with no explanation of evidence.

So I am having to use the painkillers a little longer.
But other than that, things are ok.
I have just gutted my first pumpkin of the season and made my own pumpkin soup with it.
I have never had pumpkin soup before, but it is very yummy.
I may have to buy more pumpkin as my torts like it as well.
These are my carvings from last year (and it was the first time I had ever carved them)

I want to make a fall display, so I have ideas for that running through my mind right now.
I dont know, I am just so in love with this seasons colours.
The rich dark oranges and browns.
Its a very under rated season.
I mean winter gets all the attention of Christmas.
And spring gets baby animals and easter.
Summer gets sun and beaches.
but nobody really decorates for Autumn.

I also got some very pretty Christmas papers yesterday that I cant wait to use.
I have a fair few projects in mind for them.
I have a few cards that I need to do this week to.
And I also need to format a computer, maybe even two.

So there is plenty that I can be doing.
And right now, that is what is keeping my mind active.
And for that I am glad.

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