Friday, October 28, 2011

cest le vie

Rachy passed away today. She was a fighter & and inspiration thats for sure. Breathe ease Rach. My thoughts are with her friends and family tonight. x (

I have discovered a way to get my hypertonic saline running easier without it leaving me in agony.
Usually, as my throat is being scraped every 4-6 weeks, it gets raw. I cough a lot, which irritates it more. So running hypertonic becomes a little painful. (think chapped/split lips and eat salt and vinegar crisp)

So anyway, tonight, I have had my humidifier on most of the evening and just left it on whilst running my nebs. oh it was heaven. As my throat is warm and moist, the salt isnt sticking, so im hoping its going into my lungs better. Weird feeling though, as I am blowing out through my mouth piece, the steam coming out was warm and so the plastic piece in my mouth was going warm.

The reason I am on my humidifier is my own fault. Last night, my body refused to shut down for sleep, so when my alarm went off at 7:30, the first thing that came to mind is, who hit me over the head with a hammer, closely followed with, who has been feeding my drugs as my vision was very wavy. After reassuring myself that no, I didnt go out last night, this cant be a hangover, my mind clicked, that it was in fact a migraine. I hate migraines. I have had them since I was about 5, though they started as stomach migraine. Managed to take some meds for it, but of course they take nearly an hour to kick in and this morning was not one I could delay or disrupt, today was about supporting mum.I managed the basic tasks like dressing, but the thought of nebbing when my head felt like it was splitting, was not a thought I could bare. It just wasnt an option.

So radiotherapy clinic went ok, though it is the first one so will take a while to hit in. But the staff seem nice enough so yeh.

By afternoon my head was still pounding, so I decided to nap it off. After about an hour, I remember half waking, but not being able to wake anymore. Thinking, something is not right, I cant breathe. After a scary few minutes, trying to wake up enough to get help, I managed to move to my other side, with aims of getting up, but quickly falling back into the abyss.

When Dad woke me later, I was breathing better than earlier, but still not great. I checked my peak flows and it was 110. I was like WTF!! Its been a long time since that low, were talking pre trach days, so god knows what it would have been when it woke me.

I have loads of treatments tonight and its back to 220, but just incase, I have made sure my emergency bells are still reachable.

Its just an odd feeling. Im not being all woe about this, I know its my own fault and I can take it in my stride, its just a little scare, to keep me on my toes. But it is annoying, today, isnt about me. My parents dont need any of this, I need to be supporting my mum. I cant afford to get sick right now. And the thought of not seeing a doc for 3 months, makes me a little nervous.

But alas. Tomorrow is a new day, and we begin again. Tomorrow I will wake refreshed from a nice sleep. I have just changed my bed and I am looking froward to snuggling down.

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