Monday, November 22, 2010


I have had an amazing couple of days, so much so, I have hardly spoken to any of my online friends, sorry about that. I had fun, I forgot most things and I felt my age!

Friday morning, it was up bright and early to go to the first showing of Harry Potter. As we were out so early, we went for breakfast. I has pnacakes and bacon and I must say, it is one of the nicest pancakes I have ever had yum yum. I planned the route to the cinema, in such a way, that hills and stairs were swapped for escalators and lifts and I did not exhaust myself.

The film itself was wonderful, I wasnt as excited as I could have been as I didnt really get into the book for one reason or other, but the film was edited wonderfully. And a big section of it was shot in Liverpool, where they are in the tunnel near the start. Apparently there were other bits too.

Driving through the city centre to get home, and some bus driver stopped in the middle of the road, the car behind kept beeping at us to go on the pavement to get around, but my friend shouted, just wait. Next thing we know, we are at the lights and she gets out the car and tried to get in our car to shout at us. Total loon, good job we had the doors locked.

So came home and slept for a couple of hours then got ready to go out clubbing. I wish I had more pictures, but my web cam was playing up and I have not got any off anyone else yet. But I curled my hair and wore a strapless top.

It was for a hen night so they had hired a party bus. Again, I suck with pictures, but it had a dance floor and laser lights and a bar, so yeah pretty fun. We did get kicked out of the docks though as a load of the girls went for a wee behind the bus, but oh well.

It was a good night, from people dancing on the chairs, drinking through socks and raising money with a cowbot hat to get then hen drunk. Actully made £83 in about 30 mins. It was a good night. Got in around 3 am. The good thing about clubbing, is that the music is that loud, I can actully make out the lyrics. I enjoy the music so much more when I can hear it. It also kinda helped me to regain some faith in my friend. She is one of those people, who dosnt really deal well with sick friends, she kinda vanished when I got ill. Now I am getting better, she seems to be back. I dont know, I in a way, dont hold this against her. At that age, not many people want to be spending all their time visiting a friend in hospital.

So Saturday, I did my usual and helped my mum with shopping then came home for a nap. I was exhausted. We had a neighbours part to go to that night, so it was off out again. I lacked energy to do anything with my hair, so I just kinda clipped it up. It looked kinda elegant if I do say so myself.

Though this was the end of the night so it had fell down a little.

Sunday, I literally blitzed the living room. Sorting out paper work, putting stuff away and general cleaning.

I think I may have overdone it this week though. I went to bed last night and could not stop coughing. Today, my temp has spiked so its back on anti biotcs. Just hope they kick in before the next weekend. I shall post more tomorrow. Right now, I am drained and ache all over from coughing, even my knees. But it was worth. :)

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  1. Hope you are doing still doing okay :D .... and maybe off "gallivanting" around and having more fun times!!
    Love the hair -- the last pic is an especially nice one of you!