Friday, March 26, 2010

two steps forward, one step back.

Or is that one step forward and two back. *shrugs*

So, im beginning to get a little bit excited at the prospect of Monday. Tickets are booked. Train leaves town at 9:48am and gets into London at 12. (cost bloody £52 each though stupid train) Then coming back we leave london (Euston. Never been that station before)  at 9pm and get home at 11:30pm. (that was only £10 for 2 tickets yay)

The appointment is 2:40 I think (need to check that) and the nearest station is kinds cross and then a short walk. hmm what to do with all the other time. Obviously get food, but where. hmm might take my mum to Covent Garden after the appointment to get some tea and a nose around the shops. Ill have to have a think and plan somewhere on route for dinner. eeps I cant wait.

Then comes the descsion. Take my small crappy handheld camera or my big proper camera. I have to take all my meds in there original boxes so I suppose I am going to have to do with a back pack so might as well take my big one. Meds are going to take up enough space, wonder if I can be a real tourist and take my tripod too.

Anyway, thats my positive bit.

So my surgeon said he would send me a copy of the refferal let that he wrote so that I could chase it up. Well, I got this today and me being me, I was egar to open it and read all the gory details. I have this thing when I like to compare to others, suppose its in a way of recognizing that Im not actually lying. I have this huge fear of going to the doctors with something and them telling me I am lying about it and they dont believe me. Even after having a transplant, I was scared my doc wouldnt believe that I had needed it.

So anyway, I was reading it and found it intresting to hear about the different sizes of stenosis I have had and the types of stents they have tried. I was happily reading it until I reached:

This patient has difficult venous access due to server cushings syndrome and obesity.

Ok, so I knew I had bad access asI had to virtually always have hickman or central lines in but was told it was due to my veins being accessed so much that they had collapsed. And of course I knew I was obese. But I had no idea about cushings. Why wasnt it mentioned. I knew the very basics about it, that it causes psych problems and is basically to much cortisol (a steroid) in the blood and that it is a very rare disease.

A quick look on google tells me that it can cause weight gain, tiredness, osteoporosis, and server mood swings that can often present as a nervous breakdown. So is this what is causing my depression? Could this be why I couldnt cope a while back and ended up an a psych ward? Is this why I sleep all the time and have no energy? Could it all be down to this disorder?

So I looked at causes, which kinda unnerved me. The main causes are tumors, either cancerous or begnine, well I know my anti rejection meds can make me more prone to cancers, but I thought the main types where ovarian, cervical and skin, but my mind is in overdrive.

So I go on to read a little more. First they have to find the cause EG: where the tumor is, its most likely on the pitutry gland, which is in your skull. It is often removed, by drilling into your skull through your nose or gums and remove the tumor.It maybe nesscary to have a skin graft after the op. You may also require chemo or radio therapy. Plus you may also need steroids for life.

Tablets for life I can deal with, god knows im on enough of them already. But all the other treatments? Could I really handle them? Would I really need them? The way he wrote server cushings, kinda makes me think that I will need treatment. But I still have to question why I wasnt told about it? And how they found out I have it. The only way I can think of would either be bloods or a 24 hour urine last time I was sedated in ICU.

I dont know, I have so many questions about it and no one I can really ask any time in the immediate future. So my head will just keep exploring the possibilities and looking for correlations.

I just really hope it dosnt interffer with this appointment on Monday. You know, if they turn around and say, oh get that sorted and then come back to us, I'm not sure what I would feel then. Suppose only time will tell.

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