Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hmm So I thought my next post ought to be an explanation about what was said while I was in london. Im still processing it to be honest and my brain being like a sieve I have forgotten a lot of it. But that is not the reason for keeping you all in suspense (if anyone cares that is lol)

Today, I feel good. I am in a good mood. Its been a while since I felt like this and thought I ought to take the oppertunity to jot it down. Its something that I wouldnt have thought I would feel after the last couple of weeks so I'm enjoying it. And I dont think anything has sparked it either.

My friend is still in hospital and so wont be coming to visit at easter, which is disappointing to say the least, but its what she needs so I am happy with that.

ooo I bought a new scarf thing while I was in London. Its really pretty, like a purple color but when you move it it changes between white and gold. Like this:
That kind of shows it. And yes I am wearing it on my head currently. My hair is sticking up everywhere and needs washing but I dont have the energy so I will wash it either tonight or tomorrow. But as it was annoying me, I thought I would cover it. Like this (excusse the state of me I look rough and have no make up on and just generally ick)

It feels wierd not to have my head surrounded by hair. For the last 7 years I have had short hair cut around my face so people cant see my ears (and ultimately my hearing aids) However I kinda feel like a fat version of the girl with a pearl earring with it like this.
I know i dont have a pearl earring in but still.

So I thought I would leave you with some stuff that makes me smile today.

(This one is a bit adult)

<3 Stephen Lynch
I absolutely Adore these and once I am well enough, I will be going to see them Live.

(I love most of their songs but the above one I played for my anesthetists last time I was in ICU lol)

And of course, this one I have just been dancing around my room to while straightening up. It is an absloute must for any road trip.

In other news, I have been inspired Since Sunday to make a video. Its been a long time since I got inspired to do anything like that so I am going to go with it. It is going to be for Eva and to tell her story & promote her message. It will probably be rubbish as I am not that good with videos, but this is more a thing for me, my way of dealing with it. And if it helps anyone else if  I decide to upload it, then its a bonus.

And I think I have bored you all enough today.

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