Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trying to stay positive

I need somewhere I can safely rant and moan.
At the moment I seem to be whining a lot and obviously I dont want others to get bored of me. I dont want to be that person that is constantly complaining. I know i need to make the most of things.

I have recently been discharged from hospital after being in for 3 weeks to have a tracheal stent placed as I have tracheal stenosis from spending a long time on a ventilator a few years ago. Maybe I will say more about that as this blog goes on, but dont feel like getting depressed over it right now.

So now im struggling to breath and on home nebs at least twice a day. Fun, not. espcially when you have to be up in time for uni and you dont sleep well of a night. But I have just done my first week of it and it could have been so much worse. My rattly breathing did get in the way when i had a friend around and all you could hear was my rattle, but luckily i know her well enough to not be too embarrassed, more frustrated.

I see my surgeon on Monday. He is still sticking to saying that there is nothing else they can do for me apart from a permeant tracheostomy, which I am adamantly refusing. But I have heard of a surgeon down in London who specializes in Tracheal Stenosis so who knows, maybe I can ask for a referral and see if they can do anything.

Just trying to stay positive now, its a battle. And my psych didnt help at all so I got rid of her. Yet to discuss that with my GP. But again thats another post lol.

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